Read Any Really Good Books Lately?

What exactly makes a book really good? Is it the writing? Is it the story or the subject matter itself? Maybe it’s the character development for some people? And, I’m sure there’s lots of folks who think it has to be all of these things combined in order for it to be a really good book. Personally, I don’t think it does. As long as it has at least one of these elements, it can be a really good book.

Stephen King is a phenomenal writer, but he’s also gifted when it comes to story-telling. And, he has an imagination that most of us can only dream about having (no pun intended). So, most of his books (at least his earlier works) aren’t just really good, they are exceptionally good. But, then you have authors like E. L. James and books like Fifty Shades of Grey. With probably some of the worst writing in the history of the New York Times list of best sellers, Fifty Shades has set female readers on fire – figuratively and literally. And, I have to say, I read all three books in the series, and I thought they were all really good in spite of the writing.

Why did I think all of the Fifty Shades books were really good? I think it was a combination of two things – 1) character development, and 2) subject matter. For me, I know I have read a really good book when I finish the last page, and I am sad or a little depressed that I’m finished with it. It’s like I’ve made new friends, and now they’re going away and I know I won’t see them again (for a while anyway). I felt that way when I turned the last page of Fifty Shades. As for the subject matter, being a housewife for the past twenty years, the thought of spicing up the old boudoir repertoire in that fashion was kind of thrilling. I did not rush out and pick myself up a pair of handcuffs or anything. But, I was inspired to explore my own creativity in a little more depth. So, I wrote a book of my own.

I would like to hear from you now. What do you think makes a good book really good? Have you read any really good books lately? What made them really good?


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